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PCB Production Capabilities

HDI & Multi Layers PCB capability of manufacturing up to 56 layers.

We can also provide combined materials and Flex-Rigid PCB as well.

Main products: High reliability PCB, Backplane, Special materials PCB HDI Heavy copper PCB.

Applications (core-business): Telecommunications, Industrial Control, Medical, Automotive, Aerospace.

Rigid PCB

Materials: PTFE Multilayer, Halogen Free, Rogers, Hybrid Material, Aluminum Base, Heat Sink PCB, PPO, Ceramic based, Mixed Materials (Rogers +FR4).
Max. Layers: 56L Mass production (60L on development)
Min Line/Space: Inner Layer 3/3 mil (we can provide samples 2/2)
  Out layer 4/3mil (we can provide samples with 3/3 mil)
Finished thickness: 400mil (10mm)
Min. Mechanical hole: 8 mil (0.2mm)
Min. Laser drill hole: 3 mils(0.075mm)
Max. aspect ratio: 18:1
Max. panel size: 43 ² X 24 ²(1100 X610mm)
Buried resistor: we can provide mass production of PCB with buried resistors
Buried capacitance: we can provide mass production of PCB with buried capacitance
Controlled impedance: +/- 5%
HDI : 2+C+2
Surface finishing: HASL. Immersion Gold, Gold finger, OSP, Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver

Flex PCB

Our products and services include the single side up to 4 layers PCBs. We can support our customers' demands for high volume production by two automated printing. Flex-rigid PCB is available from single side up to 4 layers.

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