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Rigid PCB &  Flexible PCB

HDI & Multi Layers PCB capability of manufacturing up to 40 layers and Flex PCB single side up to 4 layers. Combined Flex-Rigid PCB up to 4 layers

Backplane  &   Enclosures Production and Integration

Complete custom Backplane interconnect capability including:
  • Assembly/electrical test /shipping
  • Electrical and mechanical design
  • System simulation
  • Electronic subassembly manufacturing and test capability
  • Mechanical enclosure (Card-Cage) assembly
  • Final system integration

Membrane Touch Switch and Flex cables Production

Membrane tough switch, Highly Illuminated Membrane Switches, Tough Screen, Silicone Robber Connectors, Flex-Strip Jumpers, Rubber Keypads.

LCD Design & Manufacturing

Technology: TN, S-TN, FSTN and CSTN. Product Application: Telecom Device, Medical Device, Instrument and Meter, Automotive, White Goods, Portable Consumer Product.

Crystals Manufacturing

Main Products: S.P. Monolithic Crystal Filters, VCXO, Crystal Oscillator, Clock Oscillator, SMD Quartz Crystal, Lead Quartz Crystal, Surface Mount Crystals, Lead Quartz Crystals.

Transformers Manufacturing

All in one Power Boards, Inverter Design, High Voltage Transformers, Switching Power Transformers, High Power Inductors, Splitter Micro-filter, LAN Transformers, RF Transformers, Telecom Transformers, XDSL Transformers.

RF Connectors and Components Manufacturing

High quality production of Microwave /RF coaxial connectors, and cable assemblies. Production of many types of connectors, terminations and adaptors according the standards of GJB681, MIL-C-39012, IEC, DIN, RF components, etc...

Precision Plastic Injection Mold Design and Manufacturing

Custom Molding of Quality Parts, Plastic parts injection and OEM Products Assembly.

Project cost & Purchasing services

Project costing based on our high quality suppliers from the Far East. Purchasing services for electronic components.


We provide developing and manufacturing solutions for RF/Microwave products for communication and WHDI industries, we provide the highest quality products, designing support and perfect service to our customers

Die Casting

Focused on the design and manufacturing of custom casting products. Aluminum die casting are our specialty. Our manufacturer strength in China factory is to work with smaller quantity and specialty requirements.

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