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New Products

Our line card was increased lately with 2 new production capabilities:

  • Aluminum Die Casting

    We are focused on the design and manufacturing of custom casting products, and Aluminum die casting are our specialty.
    Our manufacturer strength in the China factory is to work with smaller quantity and specialty requirements.
    Die casting is a cost saving alternative to machining even at quantities of 5000-10,000pcs annually.
    We can work with your team to design a die cast part that suits your application.
    We typically work with A380, A383, and A384. Other materials are available on request.
    Surface finishing: A sandblasted finish is very common, we also offer powder coating, and enamel finishing, and if a required color is requested we can do that too.

  • RF products

    We provide developing and manufacturing solutions for RF/Microwave products for communication and WHDI industries, we provide the highest quality products, designing support and perfect service to our customers for following products:

    • Waveguides Series
    • Cross-guide Directional Couplers
    • Waveguide to coax adaptors
    • Waveguide Fixed Attenuators
    • Directional Couples
    • Hybrid Couplers
    • Power dividers
    • LC band Filters
    • Cavity Filters
    • Limiters
    • And more...
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