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Membrane Touch Switch

A membrane tough switch is a self-contained printed keyboard.
Basically it is a wafer thin three layers sandwich.
On top is a non ­ glare clean polycarbonate film with the graphics and conductive pads printed under the surface.
The middle layer is a polyester film which acts as a spacer with cut outs for the switch areas.
On the bottom there is either another polyester film with the switch contacts and interconnections printed in conductive ink on the top surface, or a printed circuit board with the switch contact and interconnections etched into it.
Contact is made by manually pressing the top layer against the bottom layer.

Features and Advantages

  • Perfectly sealed, waterproof keyboards which can be used in all working conditions
  • Low cost & highly reliability.
  • Ease of custom design: size, shape & color
  • Very slim & flexible.
  • Compact assembly & combined function
  • Embossed and metal dome available
  • Embedded SMD LED available.


All data entry functions:
appliances, telephones, calculators, office equipment, entrainment systems, industrial controls, electronic games, etc…


  Item Characteristic value
Electrical characteristics Contact resistance 100ohm or less
Insulation resistance 100M Ohm or more at 100V
Withstand voltage 125V AC for 1 minute
Contact bounce 15m sec or less
Mechanical characteristics Operation load 50~450 grm
stroke More than 0.1 mm
Environmental properties Operation life Over 1,000,000 cycles
Operating temperature and humidity -10ºC ~ + 50ºC at 90% RH or less
Storage temperature -25ºC ~ + 70ºC

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Highly Illuminated Membrane Switch

Most of membrane switches were not able to be made with bright backlight due to structural difficulty up to now in spite of serious demands from customers.
Our manufacturer has developed very brad new highly illuminated membraneswitches in new concept recently which will be welcomed by many diversified requirements from many customers. Our manufacturer special diffusing technology makes it possible to keep even – brightness through over all keys and 7 segments digits in membrane switch.

Features and Advantages

  • Perfectly sealed, waterproof switches with highly bright backlight.
  • Installed highly bright SMD LED just beow of graphic overlay
  • Use PET substrate instead of PCB board to make it cheap.
  • Very slim & flexible.
  • Compact assembly & combined function.
  • Embossed and metal dome available.
  • Ease of custom design.


  • Medical equipments
  • Industrial equipments
  • Home appliances
  • Test equipments
  • Any equipment for night use

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Touch Screen

These technologies are getting popular recently because of simplicity of operation.
Just like ATM machine in bank, it is not necessary to switch keys on keyboard but to touch screen directly according to instruction appeared on screen.
It has many features to save time, space and simplicity, ease of approach etc… especially this touch screen technologies can make it possible to get rid of key board in all handheld consumer products, mobile phone , PDA, test equipment, etc and provide much wider screen than usual which is big enough to use movies on handheld mobile phone or PDA.
We can provide complete kit of this tough screen set including graphic overlay, optical clear adhesive, touch screen, aluminum frame, and LCD display module.

Features and Advantages

  • Compactness & low weight
  • High transparency
  • Simplicity in operation
  • Make screen much broader
  • Available to provide complete kit: graphic overlay + touch screen + aluminum frame + LCD module


ATM machines, every ticket selling machines, copy machines, mobile & cellular phone, PDA, POS, car navigation, GPS, home automation, toy industry, game industry, laptop, desktop computer, industrial equipments, medical equipments.

Reliability Test Condition

Item Normal Condition Severe Condition
High Temperature
  • 80ºC / 240 hr
  • 70ºC / 500 hr
Low Temperature
  • -40ºC / 240 hr
  • -30ºC / 500 hr
High Temperature & Humidity
  • 60ºC / 90% 240 hr
  • 60ºC / 90% 500 hr
Thermal Shock
  • -40ºC / 30 min <-> 80ºC / 30 min
  • 10 cycles
  • -25ºC / 30 min <-> 70ºC / 30 min
  • 100 cycles
  • Times: 100K
  • Force: 250g
  • Speed: 1000 char/hr
  • Times:100K
  • Force: 250g
  • Speed: 3000 char/hr
  • Times: 1M
  • Force: 250g
  • Speed: 2/sec
  • Times: 1M
  • Force: 500g
  • Speed: 3/sec

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Silicon Rubber Interconnector

The connector consists of alternating layers of conductive and non-conductive silicone rubber.
The conductivity is achieved by the incorporation of carbon filters. The connector provides a cost-effective, reliable way of connecting an LCD with a PC Board. It can also be used to connect 2 or more PC Boards together. Because of the almost infinite variety of contact configurations possible, it can accommodate most contact spacing and widths.

Features & Advantages

  • Low cost & High Reliability
  • Rapid Assembly & Disassembly – No soldering
  • Shock & Vibration Protection
  • Non-Abrasive & Non-Corrosive

Physical Properties

Parameter Operationg Temperature Hold Temperature Comperssion Set (28ºC 3000 Hours) Volume resistivity (Ω/cm) Specific gravity
Conductor -50ºC~+200ºC -50ºC~+200ºC 10% 5 1.4
Isulator 2x10^16 1.35

Parameter Hardness (%) Elongation (%) Tensile strength (kg/cm^2) Maximum Current Skewness
Conductor 50-70 200% 60 >1mA/nm^2
Isulator 30-60 400% 80

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Flex-Strip Jumper

FLEXSTRIP Jumpers are multi-conductor board-to-board interconnect devices, preplated and ready to use without wire stripping, cutting to length, or solder preparation. They provide a convenient, reliable alternative to conventional point-to-point wiring for high density, high-vibration PC board interconnect application.
FLEXSTRIP Jumper may be repeatedly flexed without failure. Flat/round conductor design and one-piece construction give vibration-proof reliability and longer life than conventional wiring systems.

Design considerations

  • One piece construction
  • Round copper conductors rolled flat for high flex life: tinplated for easy soldering
  • Round-to-flat transition zone permits flexing stress to be distributed evenly throughout flat conductor area
  • Round-to-flat design provides vibration-proof reliability and long life
  • Round-to-flat transition zone acts as a hinge between PC boards & allows board to be opened for fabrication and servicing, then closed for compactness.
  • Round pin ends facilitate PC board insertion and long life
  • Choice of conductor pitch to accommodate virtually any PCB hole pattern; tightly held tolerances
  • Available in 4 insulations for high volume commercial use as well as military/aerospace applications
  • Jumpers may be "conncetorized" to mate with other industry-standard headers
  • Jumpers may be used as parts of Flexpac assemblies
Resistance per 1,000 feet 65 Ohms
Current Rating 3 Amps
Rated Voltage 300 VAC
Rated Temperature 105ºC
Conductor Copper per QQ-W-343-TIN PLATED
Equivalent wire gauge 24 AWG

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