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Backplane & Enclosures Production and Integration

Technical Capacity

PCB Materials: FR-4,Aluminim-base,Rogers
Multi-layer Board: Max layers-24 layers
High Speed Connectors (HSD, VHDM,GBX ) and other (HM, Din)


  • Telecommunication Equipment (Base station)
  • Computers and Peripherals (Server, Switcher)
  • Medical Apparatus and Other Instruction Instruments (X-Ray, CT Scanner)

Back-plane Design

PCB Artwork

  • Follow the design rules determined at Upfront Engineering
  • Follow the result of simulation and our long term experience
    • Maximum pattern length
    • Minimum Pattern gap, width, curving
    • Best lay-up structure
    • Termination
  • Consider Power Distribution
  • Consider productivity of PCB

Assembly design

  • Selection of Most Productive parts and its layout on PCB
  • Best power supply routing to each DC slots and parts
  • Best guide pin layout and supporting method for stable mating

For Multi-Giga Bit data transmission speed

  • High performance material (low dielectric constant)
  • Improvement at difficulty at supply and Cost
  • Improvement at PCB productivity
  • New Lay-up technology to laminate normal material and High performance material
  • High performance connector for more than 5Gbps signal speed (ex. Gbx)
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